About Us



  • To teach and otherwise call attention to how the Constitution organizes the powers of government to maximize self government. 
  • To demonstrate to Americans and foreigners that the Constitution, a short document, is written to be understood by all who can read English.
  • To promote Civics Education focused on the text and structure of the Constitution.


Engage in and promote reasoned, moral argument about the constitutional, legal, political and social issues of the day.



The Foundation for Self Government’s Board of Directors brings together experts in the fields of law, public policy, ethics, and business.
John S. Baker, Jr. J.D., Ph.D.
President and Chairman, Board of Directors
Professor Emeritus, Louisiana State University Law Center.
Kenneth Bickford
Treasurer, Board of Directors
A New Orleans-based developer who previously served on the Board of Directors of The Ethics and Public Policy Center.
William Bradford Reynolds, J.D.
Secretary, Board of Directors.
Senior Counsel in the Antitrust and Competition section of the Baker Botts law firm.  Former Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department. Former General Counsel for Attorney General Edwin Meese.
Leonard Leo, J.D.
Executive Vice President, The Federalist Society


Lindsey Keiser, J.D.
Director, Research and Summer Programs
Joanmarie I. Davoli, J.D.
Director, Digital Education

Mission Statement

Engage in and promote reasoned, moral argument about the constitutional, legal and political issues of the day.



Topics to Discuss