Dr. Baker’s latest article – available on Laura Ingrahm’s LifeZette website:

Linking Illegal Aliens, Legal Commodities Could Be a Huge Trump Win


  • Federal Government

    Should the federal government enact more laws, fewer laws and/or repeal some laws? In which areas of law, for example, national defense, foreign trade, the economy, health care, the environment, business regulation, abortion and social issues?


  • State Government

    Do you think States should be doing some things now done by the Federal Government?


  • Individual

    Apparently, numerous Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives are losing trust in government. How much trust do you have in your local government? your state government? the federal government?

  • Community

    Is it necessary for a “community” to exist that its members have some common beliefs? At the local level? State level ? National level?


  • 1family-730320_960_720


    The number of two-parent families in the U.S. is declining. Does this matter?

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